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Your IT recruiter

We support you as an IT recruiter in your search for suitable IT specialists and executives. With our experienced IT recruiters, we are your ideal partner for the IT recruitment of foreign and local candidates.
Experiton uses modern technology to make recruiting of IT specialists as easy and efficient as possible. We provide you with the most relevant profiles from our extensive database. By using online tools, we help companies access relevant candidate data to assess the suitability of potential employees.
Since Experiton exclusively offers web-based IT recruitment solutions, it is obvious that we can help not only local but also global companies with IT recruitment and consulting.
Customers don't want to see all the profiles in the database, only those that are relevant to their business.
For our web-based IT mediation we use artificial intelligence and intelligent algorithms so that it is easy for entrepreneurs to retrieve only those data from potential employees that are essential for their particular business through a variety of filters.

IT Recruitment

Recruiting IT specialists with Experiton

As an IT recruiter, we have already supported companies all over the world with our personnel consulting, which has enabled us to expand our network of customer service.
A well-developed and constantly updated network of candidate profiles has had a positive impact on our clients. In addition, the possibility of IT recruitment in the database has increased. On our homepage we introduce you to a potential candidate for your company. Experiton helps you to reconcile the candidate's expectations with your needs. With this process the IT recruitment can be accelerated. Possible candidates who would fit your company with your profile, but are not suitable for other reasons, are excluded early in the process. As an entrepreneur, you save valuable time and money, which would otherwise flow into a costly recruiting process.
With the help of tools we are also able to find the right job for a specific task. Our applied research also determines whether the candidate is physically up to the required tasks and performance.


Procedure: How we recruit IT professionals

Our experts put their heart and soul into the quality of our IT recruitment processes.
This approach describes our cooperation:
We use our experience to select potential candidates. This enables us to ensure that the candidate's IT technical skills are already in place.
In this way, we guarantee our clients the best candidates with practical experience in the individual industry.


Data Mining

With our algorithm, you as an entrepreneur have the possibility to observe the performance of the candidate. This allows you to decide more quickly where the candidate can best be deployed.
The key to our success in personnel consulting lies in the fact that we recruit only the best.
In this way, we can shorten the time of recruitment for the entire process.
In addition to saving time for companies, it also helps us to facilitate the recruitment process for recruiters.

  • Discuss vacancy with customer
  • Advertise on multiple Job boards
  • Advertise on professional networking platforms
  • Mass Email candidates
  • Filter CV’s
  • Technical and Analytical pre-assessment
  • Interviews scheduled with customer
  • Hire best suitable candidate

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